2012 Highland Fling

    by jeditrisi 18. November 2012 23:01
    2012 Highland Fling

    With my wife Kate, confined to a hospital bed for the foreseeable future with a pregnancy complication, I was far from focussed on this year’s Highland Fling 100miler event, held on the 11 November in the Southern Highland region of NSW. Things, however, were under control in hospital and Kate urged me to head down to the Bundanoon race village and take some time out to have a bit of ‘fun’ in the sun and dirt. So after a few short hours sleep in the car, I was lined up, ready for a long, hard day in the saddle.

    I was in fairly good shape and being a few kg’s lighter, I was hoping it would equate to an improvement on l... [More]

    Highland Fling 100miler

    by jeditrisi 14. December 2011 21:47

    Highland Fling 100miler - 13 November 2011
    I like to think that I am pretty meticulous when it comes to my sport and racing. I like to go into an event knowing that I have done the necessary training and gone over my equipement more than once to ensure everything is where and how it should be.
    That is why, lining up for the Highland Fling 100miler MTB event on Sunday, 13th November, frustration, generally sums things up for me. Having gone over the bike before packing it into the car for the trip down to the race the day before, everything was sweet. However, taking the bike out of the car the next morning (race morning), I no longer had any rear brakes!
    Nothing, zip, zero... [More]